Saturday, May 3, 2014

Two Steps Back === A Better View

After finding some success with shot-in-the-dark code snippets from StackOverflow, I'm listening to Vizzini and going back to the beginning.

Luckily, I'm in a bit better shape than Indigo up there. But I'm just as far from my goal.
Back to the beginning, because blindly typing in the code from various tutorials and guides is simply not giving me any understanding and leaving me in utter confusion when I get errors.

I've put a few RSpec books on hold at my terrific local library and cast about for an online tutorial in the mean time. I found one by Jeff Nyman that I've actually tried before but was foiled by problems with Watir-Webdriver. CodeSchool has a paid course on RSpec, but I'm looking for the cheapest option here. There's a well-reviewed tutorial on NetTuts that's next on my list to kick around. I'll post my success or failure with it tomorrow.

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