Thursday, May 1, 2014

Practice Plus A Smidge of Inspiration

Today is the kind of day that I typically wouldn't blog about. (Ed. Every attempt to end that sentence with acting other than a preposition sounded silly, so I left it.) I didn't make the time to code because I had a very high-stakes VIP visitation at work today. The visit did not go well. It could have gone worse but it did not go well and certainly didn't turn out the way I worked so hard to make it. Overall, it has been a depressing day.

I'm blogging because it's a new day. I have no wisdom to impart. Tomorrow will be better, though, so I should have something interesting to say then.

Edited to add: The Complete Flake's Guide to Getting Things Done by Sonia Simone just popped to the top of my Pocket queue. Even if you're not a flake, there are some gems in there and it's definitely worth a look.

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