Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Next Five Days

My inter-library loaned copies of Beginning Ruby by Peter Cooper and Learn to Program by Chris Pine are both due on the 24th, so I have an externally imposed deadline to push me to finish this portion of my learning. I'm **nearly** done with LTP but I've barely cracked the spine on Beginning Ruby. I hope to get through at least some of it before I have to return it.

I have also signed up to help out at the next Seattle Railsbridge event on December 13th. It's a little crazy and definitely not something I would normally do (who the heck am I to go help teach people, right?) but doing what I usually do is what has kept me stuck in a soul-sucking "temporary" job. Taking big steps right out of my comfort zone should help me break out of this. :)  After finishing the Installfest and Beginner Railsbridge curriculum curricula I've been working through Michael Hartl's Rails Tutorial after getting majorly stuck on the Intermediate level of Railsbridge. As is typical, it's been slow-going but I'm plodding along as best as I can.

I don't have any original code yet (it's all been based on the tutorials and is posted at Github, but I will have something original soon (I hope :D.) It's time to get back to work.

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