Monday, November 25, 2013

Pulling Back a Bit for Understanding

So I changed my registration for Railsbridge from helper to student. I'm still seriously stuck on the Intermediate course. I can make my way through it through Google, but I'm not really grokking what I'm typing. I'm not quite ready to help someone else learn it if I don't really understand it myself. I'll sign up for the next session as a helper. (And I'll be a much better helper that way, too.)

The super busy season at work is almost upon us. I'm going to get as much done today as I can and then get mini-projects done throughout the weeks. This is my last day off for 8 days, so I'm going to be blogging a lot less. I'm determined to keep up my Github and Stackoverflow streaks, though. I've got to be able to find an hour or two to carve out for learning each day. It can't be impossible. :)

Enough blogging, time to work. Wish me luck - it's going to be a crazy month or so but I'm going to make it through with a couple of mini-projects under my belt (and perhaps a bit of a sleep dept to pay off down the line...) :D

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