Sunday, November 10, 2013

So Much To Cover...

It's been a busy week (or so...)

Ada Developers Academy has created an "After Hours" lab once a week to give Adies and those playing at home an opportunity to talk code and get and give help outside of classroom hours. I went last week and it was so great! I didn't plan enough time for my commute (I forgot just how busy downtown Seattle gets during rush hour) so I arrived late, but it was wonderful to get out and meet actual people who are working on this! :D

I'm still working my way through the ADA curriculum as best as I can. They've modified it so that much of the actual curriculum and assignments are posted on a private LMS so that the class has a safe haven for homework and discussions. GitHub now posts the lesson plans for teachers, but I think I can make this work. I'm fighting my way through the Railsbridge Suggestotron curriculum now, after getting majorly tripped up by using an underscore instead of a dot!! (Love those typos!)

Which brings me to the last bit I wanted to post this morning. Last night I listened to the latest Hanselminutes. "Bugs Considered Harmful with Douglas Crockford" was terrific. One of the many (opinionated, of course! :D) things he told suggested that developers do is use a bug log. I've been doing that, thanks to the very helpful Learn Code the Hard Way tutorial. At this point, my bugs are typically typos and forgetting to type 'ruby' or 'git' before spewing out some long command in the terminal. Later I'll have better bugs :D.

Goodbye for now, back to coding...

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