Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What You Give Is What You Git

Wow, that's corny.

I hit a bit of a wall when I got to Exercise 22 in Learn Ruby the Hard Way. It's a review session that the author expects will take a couple of days to complete. My first thought was "Days!? I was supposed to finish this entire book by tonight! Agggghhh"

After I got a hold of myself, I thought it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if I had to remake my grand Five Day Plan. So I started slogging through the exercises and then I remembered why I started doing this in the first place. If I was caught off guard by how long it would take to finish the book, then the actual Ada Developer Academy students might feel the same way. I took a deep breath and raised it as an issue on GitHub. I just wish that I knew how to highlight it (or, rather, lowlight it) as an enhancement, rather than an urgent critical bug.

Since I was on GitHub, it seemed like a good time to start pushing up the code I've been generating as I work my way through all the exercises. I cheated a bit and created the repo and the README directly on the GitHub website. I jumped in and used git proper (along with a healthy dose of Google, StackOverflow and a couple of git tutorials) to push up all of my work so far. (Yeay!)

I'll finish some more soon, and perhaps even start to use git to help me track my errors. (One of the assignments for the book is to keep a list of your errors. A diff file would be "easier" and would also give me LOTS of practice on git.)

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