Monday, October 21, 2013

Weakly Post

Oh, I see what you did there...

When I have to choose between coding and blogging, I'm trying hard to choose coding. Thus, the radio silence for the past week.

I've tried to install Linux on a partition on both my laptop and the family computer but haven't had much success. From my research, I see that installing Linux on older iBooks can create all sorts of WiFi issues, so I was scared off from that route before I even tried. (Working with the busted-up keyboard and it's half-missing keys reminded me why I retired Wall-e in the first place.)

I'm going to defer applying for Gnome's Outreach project for another six months. I'm continuing my work through the Ruby the Hard Way book, though, and I'm in the beginning stages of building a little chat bot website (yes, it's been done before but not yet by me.)  I've plunked the start of it over at GitHub here and here.  I'm also looking into WGU again. I'd love feedback from people with first-hand experience!

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