Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hoping to Catch My Breath

I've been so immersed in my internship that I've been neglecting this poor blog. I'm still constantly surprised at how much longer seemingly simple tasks take. I'm very slowly getting familiar with the complexity of the OHM codebase. Here's a rundown of the last two weeks:

Week 5: June 16 - June 22

  • I spent far too long this week chasing Heroku errors in an attempt to get a live version of my time_slider2 branch online. After an IRC chat with my mentor, I cut my losses and moved on to the next task:
    • Capturing the start_year value entered from the TimeSlider
  • I found a new resource: a StackOverflow-style QA page for OSM
    • Regrettably, this resource seems focused on map-editing users. It did help me discover when I was headed (meandering?) down the wrong track with the router file in Rails and needed to pivot and work on the router.js file.
  • This was a real Edison week. I found a dozen different ways that don't work. Still at it.

Week 6: June 23 - June 29
  • Completed and submitted my mid-session evaluation.
    • I'm not where I thought I would be at this point in the session. There is a tremendous difference between the code used in tutorials and student-level projects and the real, live code that lives out in the wild.
    • It's more than just the complexity (although the huge leap in complexity would be more than enough to stymie me!) There are unfamiliar conventions and blending of platforms that still surprise me. (I'm still getting caught flat-footed and discovering that the code I'm writing in Rails needs to be ripped out and put into the JavaScript portions of the code base.) I will learn.
  • I'm having a meeting with my mentor on Tuesday, and hopefully that will give me some grounding.
  • I'm making an effort to commit more often and to push up my commits to my branch more regularly. I've been fearful about doing so but last week, I caught myself trying the same failed function twice. Having all of my commits with failures noted well help stop me from doing that in the future.
  • I made some baby steps toward success:

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