Monday, March 31, 2014

Shamed by a Tweet

So I was la-la-la-ing along, working through The(Terrific)OdinProject curriculum online and saw this on Twitter just as I was shutting down for the night:

And I started counting how many of my posts were all about how I'm going to blog every single day!

Yeah, about that. So.

I'm not going to blog every single day. But I'm blogging right now. :)

I finally have a Linux machine. (I've got a new-to-me laptop with hardware ...including DVD player/burner!... that will allow for a partition and dual-boot option.) It's wonderful and I wish I had been able to do this sooner. :) Once I had hardware that could handle it, it was a total breeze!!

I'm using The Odin Project as a curriculum and attending (through Hell or high water) the next Railsbridge event this month. I've applied for the Gnome Outreach Project for Women (results are announced on April 21st) and I'm working on getting a team going for Rails Girls Summer of Code. My first website after Railsbridge will be my FixMyList idea. (FML, you see what I did there?) :D

That's enough for now. :)

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